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We offer faster and more efficient ways of testing and managing job applicants
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Create customized tests in several clicks

Compile tests from templates, pre-made by experts, for different job vacancies.

Share tests with job applicants

Share the link with the job applicant and he will be automatically added to your database.

Analyze the results

Monitor the testing process, watch the candidates handle the tasks, and advance along your recruiting pipeline.

managing tests

Create customized tests that meet your needs

We have invited experts from various industries and developed a wide range of tests to check skills and competences of potential candidates.



More than 25 templates have already been uploaded into the system. We are constantly adding new ones.

of new questions

You are able to use pre-made
templates, or easily add your own
time-tested sets of questions.

Pre-made templates
for job vacancies
or skills testing

If you do not want to create tests yourself - choose a template that experts have pre-made for you. Set the difficulty of questions according to the level of a specialist you are searching for and your test is ready.

Add your own questions

If you have a set of time-tested questions for
interviews, use them to create a new test with interactive elements.

Candidate management system

Manage your candidates and collect data

We help you with the important recruitment objectives: to optimize your recruiting pipeline and not to miss perspective candidates.

Interactive dashboard

We collect data on the most important recruiting parameters and visualize your hiring process across time by using interactive charts.

Recruiting pipeline

Keep track of all candidates progress through your recruiting pipeline.

Track candidates on all stages of the recruiting process

Monitor candidates' movement between different stages of recruiting, choose the best ones and disqualify the ones that do not match.

Analyze relevant data

Keep track of your recruiting process, the percentage of disqualified candidates and applicants who refused to take the job. Monitor the recruitment pipeline and improve it according to the data you get.

Taking the test

Candidates take the test in the most convenient form

Choose the necessary fields to gather information you need and send links to your candidates: the system will automatically form a list of applicants, who have passed the test successfully.

Simplify your hiring process

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